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The Budapest Rally is a colorful road trip featuring original four-wheelers that will cruise on spectacular roads of twelve different countries over the course of seven stages to end up in the beautiful city of Budapest.


The Concept

We expect our participating teams to show up at the start with an exceptional four-wheeler. The cooler, the better! Afterwards, we will cruise on some of Europe's most beautiful roads during seven stages.

You can earn points during the rally by acing a number of challenges and by finding all of the checkpoints on the route.

Every stage's finish line will be drawn at a unique location where you will have the chance to camp overnight. Of course you can expect an epic party in special locations every evening as well.

The best team receives the iconic epitome of the Eastern Bloc: A bright green Trabant!


The Budapest Rally shows us the most beautiful roads in Europe: 2.000 km of pure driving fun. Find some of the highlights below.

Week schedule

Stage 1

Departure - The Black Forest 663 km

Luxemburg - Baden Baden - Route 500

Stage 2

The Black Forest - Laax 268 km

Schluchsee - Liechtenstein - Julier Pass

Stage 3

Laax - Piano Lake 159 km

Stelvio Pass - National Nature Parc Ela - Sankt Moritz - Maloja Pass

Stage 4

Piano Lake - Venice 318 km

Garda Lake - Mantova - Colli Euganei - Padua

Stage 5

Venice - Plitvice Falls 424 km

Nova Gorica - Rijeka - Novi Vinodolvski

Stage 6

Plitvice Falls - Lake Balaton 387 km

Rudopolje - Korana Village - Zagreb

Stage 7

Lake Balaton - Budapest 104 km

Szekesfehervar - Velence Lake - Heroes Square

The Black Forest

Stelvio Pass

Garda Lake





You can earn points during the course of the entire trip. The more original the car, the better your team's outfit and the better the performance of your team during the challenges, the more points you earn and the more chance you have on winning the ultimate main prize.


The theme of the Budapest Rally 2018 is Hollywood. Transform your car into a legendary car from you favorite movie or dress up like a famous film set.

Your car and outfit have to reflect this hero as much as possible, the more epic the transformation, the more points you get to earn!

  • A creativity score of your car, awarded by our independent five-headed jury: max 100 points
  • A creativity score of your team's outfits, awarded by our independent five-headed jury: max 100 points
  • A car in one of the following colours: bright yellow, bright green, bright pink, bright blue, bright orange: +70 points

Quick Wins

  • A mounted flashing light on top of the roof: +20 points
  • A personalised team flag (minimum 1m²): +20 points
  • Personalised team stickers: +10 points
  • A uniquely mounted horn with an epic sound: +20 points
  • Great Rides

  • A car first registered before the year 2000 +50 points
  • Great oldtimers: VW beetle, Citroën 2CV. T1, T2 & T3 busses, fiat500, Citroën Mehari +50 points
  • Rally icons: Ford Mustang, Chevy Van, Alfa Romeo Guiletta coupé, Golf GTI MK1, Opel Manta, jaguar XJ +50 points
  • Too Ugly To Be True: Pontiac Trans Sport, Toyota Previa, Nissan Cube, Pontiac Aztek, Ssangyong Rodius, Daihatsu Move +50 points
  • The Ultimate Ride Fiat Multipla +60 points
  • Daily Challenges

  • You can earn a maximal 200 points per day by taking advantage of the checkpoints, challenges & pranks.
  • Master Challenge(s): one or two extra over the top insane challenges worth around 100 points for each challenge (depends on the difficulty).
  • Points


    The Budapest Rally does not stop at the finish line. Every evening our team will build a stage, get sound equipment and set up a bar at beautiful locations for those that have plenty of horsepower left in order to keep going until the sun comes up!


    When does the rally take place?

    The Budapest Rally kicks off 3 different days:

    • Friday, July 13th, from Brussels (arrival in Budapest on Thursday afternoon July 19th.)
    • Saturday, July 14th, from Amsterdam (arrival in Budapest on Friday afternoon July 20th.)
    • Sunday, July 15th, from Paris (arrival in Budapest on Saturday afternoon July 21st.)
    After an elaborate check-up of the cars and some interviews with the present international press, our rally will start and we will leave for Germany.

    After the final award ceremony, we have one last party and one more night at the Budapest camping site. The next day we'll wake up and The Budapest Rally will be over and done. You can book a couple of extra nights at the campsite when you're there.


    Where do we sleep?

    You can either choose your own hotel at every stage of the rally, or you can camp at our arrival locations (Option "RALLY CAMPING", € 60). We will inform you about our exact arrival locations a couple of months in advance so you have plenty of time to arrange your hotel stays. Those that want to camp at our camping sites, pay an additional € 60. These locations range anywhere between luxury campings and somewhat more basic camping sites in the middle of nowhere. There will always be sanitary facilities present.


    Where do we eat?

    You can either make sure to get your own food, or you can join us at our daily breakfast and evening buffet (Option "RALLY FOOD", € 60). The meals we offer are being freshly prepared by chefs that travel along with us, and will consist out of 'simple' food: BBQ, wok, pasta...


    How much does it cost?

    The registration fee is 250 EUR per person. The following is included:

    • A unique arival location
    • The entire logistic support of this trip
    • Parties every single night with our in-house DJs
    • The game itself & activities along the way
    • Probably the trip of a lifetime!



    • RALLY FOOD: Daily breakfast & dinner (+€ 60)
    • RALLY CAMPING: Camping at every location (+€ 60)

    How do I register?

    Starting from November 25th, 2017 you can register on this very website (at the bottom). You can register a team consisting out 2-9 people. You have one car per team. In case you have a large group of friends and you join with several cars, you will have to create multiple teams.

    The first person to register creates a team; the others simply join said team. Everyone registers separately. You can change the size of your team, switch teams, split teams, opt for extra options etc. up to two weeks before departure! The maximal capacity of this rally is 200 teams.


    Help! I have not got a special, unique car!

    Doesn't matter! Even the most common, dark blue Passat can become a little gem, as long as you are creative! We are not going to decline your entry if your car is not special enough. It only means you won't score that many points at the start judgment!


    What do I bring?

    • If you opted for "RALLY CAMPING": camping gear (tent, rug, sleeping bag)
    • A GPS/road map,...
    • Clean clothes, gallons of sun cream
    • A car



    We offer a special Budapest Rally insurance through our partner Touring who offers support along the entire rally. If your car can't be repared this insurance will also offer you a replacement car. + € 60 per car


    A normal day in the Budapest rally

    The departure on a normal day on the Budapest Rally takes place between 9.30 and 10AM. Before, you will have enough time to enjoy breakfast. You will spend most of your day along the road where the rally will lead you to some beautiful sceneries and historic landmarks. You will arrive at the finish line in the late afternoon or early evening where you can camp or look for your hotel. Every evening our team prepares dinner and organizes a party on very special locations.


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